One would assume that it would be easy to stop making choices that don’t bring you peace, and that ultimately hinder you from stepping fully into your purpose. But it’s not as easy as I once assumed it would be. I guess that's why they're called cycles though...because it's not always easy to shake off the parts of ourselves we need to shake off in order to evolve. Especially when we're so use to carrying the weight of our emotional baggage, instead of unpacking it. I noticed my cycle. I acknowledged it. I'm really good at acknowledging, not always good at addressing, but this is changing.

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Pursuing Holiness & Wholeness: Embracing My Testimony

I pray that we stop finding our worthiness in the fact that we haven't sinned in particular ways. I pray that every time we are tempted to discredit someone's testimony or salvation because of a sin (we happen to know) they've committed, that God will bring us face to face with the sin(s) He forgave us of that we want no one to know of or talk about. 

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Ashlee Wisdom